Anxious, shaken and a cold sweat wash over you

It’s hard to breathe, all you can remember is the sour taste in your mouth and the deafening sound of blood coursing through your body. You’re re-living the past over and over again, stuck in a loop, stuck in overwhelming anxiety. There is no focus, no change of getting work done or even listening to a lecture. Minutes tick into hours and now a whole class period has been wasted; the shame, the cherry on top of this emotional roller coaster, is all that you’re left with. To think that this could have been avoided by a few keywords, by a single note of respect, by a simple “heads up guys!”.


Gather a Fantastic Outfit

Nothing is worse than reading on dozens of victoria milan reviews, rethinking then leaving the house just to get what you picked is uneasy, binding or has got a large old blot on it. In this manner you won't have to waste time fretting about it moments before your date.