What's the Best Way to Correct Students' Pronunciation?

The perfect knowledge of grammar and lexis doesn't bring the opportunity to communicate like a native speaker. The phonetic as important as grammar while studying English. Unfortunately, many students don't spend much time improving their pronunciation.

Multipurpose Education Methods

There are a lot of methods that help bilingual students to improve their pronunciation. Unfortunately, it is hard to determine what ways are the best. Hence, using all the practices indicated in the article, an international student will significantly enhance his speaking skills. Moreover, everyday training is a must to achieve good results.
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Use Study Books with Transcription

The understanding of transcriptions is essential in learning English. It helps to understand how a word pronounces. Students who know how to use phonetic rules can discover how to say words like a native speaker without any help from a tutor. Additionally, books with transcriptions help to find out and remember the pronunciation of new words while reading.

Communicate with Native Speakers

One of the best ways to enhance pronunciation skills is frequent communication with native speakers. Daily conversations with English speaking friends will mainly help to improve students' pronunciation. Visiting an English speaking country is a great idea. Hence, there is no possibility to use your first language abroad.
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Watch TV Shows with Captions

In case there is no ability to improve pronunciation by communicating with native speakers, watching movies and tv shows in English is the best option. Spending a few hours a day observing TV shows significantly enhances students' pronunciation. It is a perfect combination of rest and study.
Moreover, do not hesitate to enable subtitles on videos. Captions will help to indicate an unknown word. Hence, students can enlarge their vocabulary and remember the correct spelling.

Use Mobile Applications

In the digital era, every student has a smartphone. Thus, students can use it for educational purposes. A large assortment of apps for students on both iOS and Android platforms brings the ability to learn phonetics everywhere. Additionally, mobile applications can help to place an essay online order to receive homework made by professional writers.

Learn Tongue Twisters

The funniest way to correct pronunciation by learning tongue twisters. There is a lot of easy and useful patter that can overcome anyone. Grab some examples down below.
- "He speaks Chinese and Japanese with equal ease."
- "I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream."
- "You know New York, you need New York, you know you need unique New York."


It is vital to know how to pronounce words correctly, living in an English speaking country. It will help to avoid any misunderstandings. Moreover, correct student pronunciation helps to showcase themselves as native speakers. Thus, everyone who wants to get the benefits of living in developed countries should know that a good knowledge of phonetics as important as grammar and lexis.